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Business English

  • One immersive “real case study” experience per week, networking with real professionals
  • Innovative methodology with accent acquisition
  • Monday to Friday classes - 20 hours per week


English Real Fluent

  • Designed for adult immigrants, local residents, spouses of international students or businesspeople
  • Focus on accent and common everyday situations
  • Small classes (8-12 students)
  • Monday to Thursday classes -18 hours per week


Conversation Program

  • Focus on everyday common American English conversation
  • Focus on accent
  • 2 times per week - 1.5 hours each class
  • Small classes (8-12 students)


Cross-Cultural Programs

  • Portuguese skills for the Hospitality Industry
  • Spanish skills for the Hospitality Industry
  • Portuguese as a Heritage Language
  • Spanish as a Heritage Language


Portuguese Soft Skills - 11/8/2019



Learn Portuguese Soft Skills.

Brazilians are Orlando’s third-largest international market with around 400K tourists every year. Portuguese speakers represent a significant number of tourists in Central Florida.

Learn Portuguese will help you achieve more clients and find better jobs. Speak a second language is required or essential at Hotels, Malls, Restaurants, and Amusement parks.

From November 25th to December 18th

Investment: $ 195.00

Monday and Wednesday – 6:30 pm to 8:30

Business English - 10/22/2019


  The program is designed for foreign businessmen to be part of an experience that will improve their vocabulary, boost their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Be immersive in a new environment. Opportunity for networking, and to learn the American way of doing business. 

Happy Friday - 09/06/2019


 Happy Friday - Real English

Desconto de 10% para inscrições efetuadas até segunda-feira.

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FUG Partnership - 08/24/2019


Welcome to our new partner, the Brazilian College FUG #UniaodeGoyazes. Students and faculty can come and live a real immersive experience with us with a special discount.  For more information, contact us by


Orlando, FL

Orlando, known as the “City Beautiful" for its tree-lined streets, lakes, and green parks, is also one of the most vibrant places and part of the fastest-growing areas in the country.

The metropolitan area of Orlando annually receives more than 60 million tourists, making it the most visited city in the United States and the second most visited in the world. Orlando is a city with an extensive infrastructure of hotels, transportation, and guides to meet such a demand.

In addition to being a tourist hub, Orlando is also a financial center, currently undergoing a period of intense growth, with numerous expansion projects underway. It has also been considered for eight consecutive years a leader in health care and research, and has the second-largest university in the state of Florida, the University of Central Florida.

Orlando is also a large industrial and hi-tech center. The metropolitan area has a $15 billion technology industry and is a nationally recognized cluster of innovation in digital media, agricultural technology, aviation, aerospace, and software design. There are more than 150 international companies in the region, representing approximately 20 countries.

All data reaffirms that Orlando is a global city. In the metropolitan region, 75.43% of the residents speak English as their first language, while 16.60% speak Spanish, 1.93% speak Haitian Creole, 1.33% speak French, 0.99% speak Portuguese, and 0.54% speak Arabic as their mother tongue. In total, 24.56% of the population aged five years or older speak a language other than English at home.

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