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Our Heritage and Background

Our Educational background takes us back to the foundation of the new capital of Brazil, in 1960. Brasília promoted the development of the central region of the continental country, Brazil. Our heritage comes from what is today one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil, UniCEUB - University Center of Brasilia, founded in 1968. Today it offers thirty undergraduate degrees, six distance learning courses, thirty certificate degrees, three masters programs, and one Ph.D. program. There are four campuses with more than 100,000 alumni and a Community Service Center that oversees internships, social projects, extension, and research activities, and offers more than 200,000 academic services. We are the third generation of Brazilian educators at this institution.

Our team has spent their whole life in executive and academic positions, managing projects and businesses connected with adult education, research, professional development, technological programs, partnerships at Universities, Professional Institutions, and University Boards.

Our passion for education continues in the U.S.

Our company provides opportunities that go beyond the educational and language barriers, with innovative contents and programs of excellence that go beyond our clients' and students expectations.

Our team


Ana Chamon

Jean Chamon

Jean Chamon

Operations Director

 Ana Chamon holds a BA in Business Administration, a Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education, and an MSc in Entertainment Business.

Since 2001 she has been working with Higher Education as Assistant Director, Ombudsman Manager, Student Services Manager, and Customer Services Manager.

Her experience includes dealing with team coordination, improvement of processes, planning strategies, developing programs, building up leadership skills, and institutional relationships, implementing new departments and improving work processes in the institution, as well as managing and processing student enrollment, records registration, and academic life in general.


Jean Chamon

Jean Chamon

Jean Chamon


 Jean holds a Bachelor degree in Business, an MBA in IT strategies, and a certificate in University Law and Management. 

Since 1999 he has been holding many executive roles in the fields of Education Administration and Management and has dedicated most of his career to higher education and educational reform.

His experience includes many positions as Director, Council President, Member of Board of Directors, Project Manager, Summit Coordinator, Professor, Publisher, and Author in several universities and national associations in Brazil.


Esther Trew

Jean Chamon

Esther Trew

Expert Language Teacher


Esther holds a Bachelors degree in English and Portuguese, an MA in Applied Linguistics, and a PhD in Literature Studies. Since 1976 she has been teaching General English, English for Specific Purposes, Reading Academic English, English Teaching Methodology, English Teacher Training, and American Literature.

She has also done research, planned, coordinated and supervised events and graduate courses for teachers of English as a Foreign Language in several institutions in Brazil.

Her experience includes translation to and from English and Portuguese of academic work, books, and documents.


Hugh Mills

Christina Daltro

Christina Daltro

Expert Language Teacher

Hugh was a foreign language major in high school and the City University of New York at Queens College, accumulating 8 years of Spanish instruction, 4 years each of Latin and French, 2 years of German.  He holds Bachelors degrees in both Linguistics, and Speech Pathology and Audiology.
He spent his working life in insurance, as a Commercial Property & Casualty broker and office manager in both New York and Florida.
In 2009, he joined the Adult Literacy League in Orlando, Florida as a new tutor.  Seven years later, he began ESOL and Adult Literacy classroom instruction at the League, using his training in Latin to focus on Advanced Vocabulary teaching.  In 2017 he became Volunteer Coordinator and New Tutor Trainer to over 350 tutors in addition to his classes. 


Christina Daltro

Christina Daltro

Christina Daltro

Expert Language Teacher


Christina was born in Philadelphia but lived many years both traveling abroad and in Brazil. She speaks 5 languages. 

She has a Bachelor's degree in Law from Mackenzie University, in São Paulo, and a Post-Graduation in Human Sciences - Teaching Higher Education, from FIJ, in Rio de Janeiro. 

She has been an ESL and TTC teacher for 30+ years and teaching is her passion. She holds Certificates of English in FCE, Proficiency, Oxford and Michigan. 

At the moment Christina is a Brazilian-Portuguese Registered Court Interpreter - Certification issued by the MS Court Interpreter Credentialing Program.

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